Localization and Internationalization

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本地化(通常缩写为 L10n)能够使网站、Web应用或任何其他形式的内容适用于特定语言的范围和文化圈。国际化(通常缩写为 I18n)被设计用来使网站或应用程序尽可能的实现本地化。

Guides and tutorials

Guides and tutorials to help you learn how to ensure that your apps are i18n ready, and how to localize them once they are.

Internationalization concepts
An overview of what internationalization (i18n) is and what features and technologies available to web developers can be used to make sure your content is ready to be localized.
Introduction to localization
An introductory guide to what's involved in localizing a web site or app, from identifying the factors that need to be reviewed and potentially changed to actually applying the needed changes.
The Unicode Bidirectional Text Algorithm
The Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm is the standard algorithm used to determine the rendering order of Unicode text, and is used by web browsers while rendering content. This overview will give you a general understanding of the BiDi algorithm and how it affects your internationalization efforts.


Reference materials that will be helpful as you create sites which are localization-ready.

HTML elements used for i18n and l10n
A reference to the elements provided by HTML that can be used to create content that's ready to localize.
CSS and localization
A reference of the CSS properties that are especially important when producing l10n-ready content.